Sunday, January 27, 2013

Egg Bitters

Thanks to Gregg Martin, my brother in carp Ryan Dunne, and the US Carp Pro forum my eyes have been opened. I feel free. No longer do I need to look upon egg yarn as a derelict, lunch hole, I give up so I’ll throw this, impurity of a fly tying material and way of life. I have seen the light; and carps can see egg yarn; and so can the angler. In certain ways egg yarn is the perfect carp fly material. In other ways, it’s still awful and an abomination. I try to walk that line and live a fly tying life of balance, so I offer you the egg bitters. Put it in Carp!


  1. Good Gosh Matt!

    What a cool effort you have put into this all plus the advertisement! I have had problems I'll admit using egg yarn in ways you have. Says much for your creativity. I'm telling you, you have created a carp classic with the Egg Bitters, every bit as much as the famous Carp Crack.

    Good on ya! Gregg

  2. These really are good looking flies Matt.

  3. Those flies are awesome. What is the material you used that you tied ontop of the yarn on the olive bitter?

  4. That's antron dubbing on the top side, Kevin, and deer hair on the hook side(bottom, or top--depending on your perpsective). Thanks!