Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Todays Noise

feelin crabby

Last carp season brought on a new and prolific revelation for me. Egg Yarn is the shit, and carp love it. I think it's probably the visibility, but I had very good luck with egg yarn. I've been experimenting with incorporating it into patterns other than just eggs.....haven't really hit the bulls eye yet. Here's the latest.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

carp flies are always in season....

even if carp aren't...necessarily....always....maybe? I've been hearing a lot about cold weather carping, and personally saw a ton of mud a few weeks ago while out hunting for a musky follow. If I can get myself away for a few hours one day(not likely), then I'll go see for myself. And take some of these along wit me.

optic hawk

After the class with Brad, I came home and was laid out for a couple days with a bug. I did a little tying.....but was pretty deflated when I remembered that my puny saddle hackle feathers are 6 inches long at best. That long hackle can change your life. Anyway....Poor Man's Optic Minnow...looks a little like a hawk when you have the flu

musky school

I was very lucky to be able to go to a day long workshop with Brad Bohen(Afton Angler) of Musky Country Outfitters in Knoxville, hosted by 3 Rivers Angler. It's the first time I've actually been instructed on how to tie a fly. Actually, that's not true. Kyle taught me how to tie wiggle minnows a few weeks ago. So, it was the first time a sober person instructed me on how to tie a fly. His patterns are pretty simple, and all utilize the same process, and mostly the same materials(which are sickeningly awesome). He literally dumped garbage bags of Primo Tail, and foot long, or was it 18", or maybe 2 feet....anyway, very, very long, beautiful hackle feathers onto the floor and table. We all dove in(literally) and started wrapping thread on hooks. I don't usually tie with pink, which is the most likely reason I was drawn to it first. The pink one is a 'hangtime', the orange/redhorse/cree is a 'hangtime optic minnow', and the green bushy one is a 'buford'.