Wednesday, December 19, 2012

feelin crabby

Last carp season brought on a new and prolific revelation for me. Egg Yarn is the shit, and carp love it. I think it's probably the visibility, but I had very good luck with egg yarn. I've been experimenting with incorporating it into patterns other than just eggs.....haven't really hit the bulls eye yet. Here's the latest.


  1. Let us know how those work Matt. I long ago tied up some Merkin Style flies, simply because it was new, but never had the guts to try them. They are just "buggy-crabby," you name it.


  2. I think they'll do pretty well, but i'm not as confident in these as I am the bitters style. Maybe because the bitters style just looks more like a carp fly? I don't know? Looking forward to answering all of those questions.