Sunday, January 13, 2013

2nd Annual International Fly Carpin' Carp Swap

I'm really excited that this is happening again. McTage at Fly Carpin' is graciously hosting this amazing and completely unique swap once again. Last years was pretty incredible and I got flies from Barry Reynolds, John Montana, Pat Cohen, JP Lipton aka the roughfisher, Gregg Martin, the host with the most Trevor Tanner, and several other talented and creative tyers. Last years wrap up is here. I got a head start on my flies because my wife's due date is rapidly approaching, and since we live 45 minutes from the hospital, on curvy mountain roads, it's nearly guaranteed that the next significant low pressure system(blizzard) we get will send us slipping and sliding to the baby factory at 3am....Although it's 70 today, so I'm drinking beer and tying flies. I started tying these a few weeks ago after I finally got some Clear Cure Goo, thanks to my good bud, Kyle. This shit is amazing. I realize that I'm one of the last people on earth to discover it, but in case you're more in the dark than I am....check it out. It's expensive, but it is totally worth it. These flies are basically bitters, but instead of setting up several, epoxying the heads and letting them dry....i just tie the flies, and then use some brushable goo to form the head. Put the light to it for a few seconds and they're done. I'll never turn back. Enough with the pimpin'..... Easy like Sunday morning.
That fulfills my swap requirement of 10 flies per tyer, but I'd like to contribute more, so I'm tying 2 more sets of 10. Not sure what yet, so I'm experimenting.
Check the Fly Carpin site or Facebook page for updates.


  1. Serious good stuff Matt! Love them all, very nice. You are on to something here!


    1. Thanks Gregg! I owe you quite a bit of inspirational credit.

  2. Yours was one of my faves from last year, looking good this year too!