Thursday, January 17, 2013

Swap is a wrap

I finished up my Fly Carpin 2nd Annual International Almost Famous Carp Swap Extravaganza flies in record time. I generally haven't even rolled out of fly swap bed this early on... but the weather has helped the motivation, and gave me some time to tie as well as organize my space a little better. We've had nonstop rain since Sunday-ish. The creeks are swollen, the rivers are raging, and roofs are leaking. No need to load the kids and farm animals into the boat just yet since we're expecting several inches of snow tonight, so we've got that going for us.
I ended up tying 3 sets of ten. Orange Egg Bitters
Olive Egg Bitters
And I'm calling this one 'The Yiman', cause that's the guys internet handle that I stole the pattern from.
The gang's all here
They'll be in the mail sometime soon....before the deadline at least.


  1. I hope Santa comes early to me. Very nice Matt! IF I get a hold on one of your flies you'll be the first to know when it helps catch a carp. (Which I have no doubt.)


  2. You should get one. I was thinking that we should do a Gregg/Matt swap though...?? Seems like there are some parallels in how we think about flies, but differences in how we approach them. What do you think?

    1. That's a good idea, you have designs that sure intrique me. my only caveat is that many of mine are flights of fancy, my small ponds, where I've access best, really haven't provided the best testing grounds. Much of it is "just in case," plus I just enjoy tying. Sounds like fun!