Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shack Nasties

The weather has been sucking. Thank Jeebus that our bun in the oven decided to cook just a little longer. We wouldn't have made it down the driveway last night, much less the 30 mile twisty drive to the hospital. I'm hoping for Tuesday, which will be 65 and sunny.
In between watching Shaun the Sheep and playing Paper Jamz I've been googling up black drum... for some reason I'm obsessed with catching one right now. I've never seen one in the daylight of reality. I've never had the opportunity to cast to one. I've never caught a redfish for the same reason. But, it's just gotten into me that I have to catch a humongoid black drum. Once I can cast to some carp it will likely subside, although that's still at least a couple months away. South Carolina/Florida/Lousiana/Texas trip is being planned for sometime within the rest of my life, although probably not very soon.....cause of the baby and all....and the 2 year old....and I'm impoverished.....and I'd probably just blow it anyway. At least I'll have one fly that probably won't work for whenever that trip happens.
Look at how big this damn thing is. Don't you want to catch one too? That's Murphy. I stole his photo since he gets to catch big ugly fish and I don't.


  1. Matt,

    I've read of people after those in Cheasapeak Bay, specifically by the bridge I've forgotton it's name of. Good luck with that, the baby first of all, the toddler, and life to be. Oh, nice fly!


  2. Matt, nice blog! Found it after following your project on microskiff. You might want to add the Mississippi Gulf Coast to your list of places to catch black drum on the fly. I had a fish of that size take me on a "Cajun Sleighride" in my kayak a year ago.